D o m i n a t e E s c a p e S u r v i v e will you l i v e ?

Welcome to Teutonic [Official]

A European Community that focuses on Dinosaur games. High-End dedicated servers, located in Germany for best possible ping in most of EU. Primarily focusing on the game „The Isle“ , but includes Beasts of Bermuda and Path of Titans.  A fast growing community, that offers altered gameplay experiences, events and most of all, FUN!

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Over 18.500 Members.

Join our discord and meet over 18.500 dinosaurs!

Quality EU Servers.

High end servers in Germany (Frankfurt) for best pings.

BOT Features.

Auto injections, Character slots and many more!

Teutonic [Official] Trailer

Choose your species and enjoy the world of dinosaurs!

Our Servers

All servers are on our own "dedicated machine" with connection in Frankfurt (Germany) for best ping.

TEUTONIC 1 - Survival [Official]

This is our 180 Slots "Isle V3" rule server without alt + turn.

TEUTONIC 2 - Survival [Official]

This is our 115 Slots "Thenyaw" rule server without alt + turn.


This is our 180 Slots "Isle V3" rule server without alt+turn and adult injections. Only free juvi injections.

Server Location

Our servers are in a big servers central in Frankfurt (Germany).

Which Server type?

We are running two high end dedicated machines for best performance.

Server Restart?

Our Servers restarts automatically at 8.00 am CEST.


This is our deathmatch "Testlevel" server. Only basic rules about language counts here. Test your skill!

Discord members
Player slots
different dinosaurs

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Contact Us

Questions? Feedback? Send a mail to Teutonic Isle EU.